Creating Augmented Reality, The Future of Digital Experience

held at R/GA


Everything in daily life from communication to commerce has been defined by major shifts in technology. The next major shift in technology is here and it is Augmented Reality. Join this class to create Augmented Reality through a series of hands on exercises. Held at R/GA’s offices in New York City, you will get to try the latest technology platforms to inspire your ideas. Using visual prototyping tools, you will make the next memorable campaign, digital product, or innovative service. Knowing how to code is not necessary. The only prerequisites are an imagination and a drive to create something that has never been thought of before.



With the onset augmented reality, designers have the opportunity to create experiences that are contextual and interact with environment around them.


This paradigm shift requires bridging the gap between 2D digital design and design interactive 3d design

This new form in computing requires a shift in thinking 


These forms of user experience have not been defined.



It is prime to learn now

and create the user experience patterns for the future.





more natural 

not looking down at your phone, but looking up at the world.


The applications extend beyond games.

This class will focus on how you can create the next generation campaigns, innovation for digital products and services.


the new forms of content

the next wave for computing.



A series of exercises

hands on learning 


iteratively prototyping across platforms 



coding is not necessary 

expierneceing mobile and head mounted display 

to understand experiences across the mixed reality spectrum

when is appropriate to creat thtem

what the input can be



been dominated by the mobile phone as the canvas

this paradigm shift literally offers the world as your the canvas

and is ripe for innovators to pioneer.