"we are now on track to have a BILLION AR-capable devices in 2018"
 - Tony Parisi

“The world is about to be painted with data”
Writer, Producer, Futurist, Forbes


"you can start to imagine a future where the real world is alive with data, accessible at the touch of a button in the blink of an eye."

- Parisi

Parisi covers three application domains (or large groups of use cases):
- Gaming
- Industry and Enterprise
- Storytelling

And for some reason, the Storytelling, is very compelling.
"The possibilities for AR in sales, marketing, advertising and e-commerce are limitless. Immersive technology is arguably the most powerful storytelling medium, ever. And that’s what marketers do all day long: they tell stories: stories about how their product will make you smarter, better looking, thinner, sexier, richer; stories about how their company has the best people, the best technology, the most trusted brand; stories about how your life will be better if you just use their stuff. With AR, we have a new and amazing tool in the storytelling toolbox, to reach, engage and directly sell, all within a single experience."

A compelling description of the potential in this domain. But a domain where the players in it (the markeitng companies) have hardly scratched AR .

Tony Parisi

E-sports AR application: