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Valerie Casey, Fastcompany/Designers Accordchunked notes and quotes "I'm going to talk about where I think design is going..." [singlepic id=628] "there is no working business model here." "the story we tell of design is so completely out of wack with business."

"Process problems" "The myth of designers as magicians" Related to Jason Severs of frog noting that "Design is still thought of by some companies as the dark arts." (See my synth'd notes on frog's talk about Ideas to Action .)

"the biggest looser effect." "we are in love with the major transformation effect. we want [that before and after pictured], we don't want to see increments"

"Firms like Makinzie are successful because they're a virtual team, not a consultant."

[singlepic id=629] "Connect with the world, not just the creative community." "Design the business and the service, not just the form." "Use the distributed effect of network to sclae innovation." "Change happens fast and it starts small." [singlepic id=627] "We need to rethink authroship in a radical way." "People want to get recognized [ for what they create]/ There are no new ideas."

"The design industry is sort of collapsing upon itself." "Whover is going to be authoring the next [iteration] of that, can do it now."

IMO Design is not the dark arts, but sometimes designers shroud what we do in smoke for effect, it goes along with the God complex. Maybe the magician complex is the step before a the ego is iterated into the status where one suffes from the God complex. Maybe there is mystery because to a degree, we don't know what we do. There is always talk about if we should classify what we do as a discipline, and how to define the roles and titles of "Interaction Design(er)" and "Service Design(er)."

This lecture is part of Bruce Nussbaum's Design At the Edge lecture series.

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