Quantified Self - Show&Tell

Quantified Self is about "self-tracking to gather, share knowledge and experiences, and discover resources."A Meetup based around QS is held in New York by entrepreneur and consultant Steven G. Dean. Robert of Parsons describes it as "Fascinating peek into what others are thinking about in terms of self examination in the digital, global world."

Presentations by Laurie Frick, Sandy Santra, Jordan Goldberg the CEO and co-founder of StickK.

[singlepic id=631]Steven Dean opening the night.

[singlepic id=632]Matthew Ganucheau presented his project "from my friends." You and your friends can track your "happiness" with a modified Wong-baker scale. Comparison between your self monitoring and your friends view allows you to see discrepancies and different views of insight. www.ganucheau.com

[singlepic id=633] Laurie Frick presented on her project of quantifying her sleep patterns. [singlepic id=634]She then took that information and turned it into art. [singlepic id=636] [singlepic id=637]

[singlepic id=639] Jason Goldberg of StickK. [singlepic id=638] More on stick at www.stickk.com/

Concepts and products mentioned: Wong-Baker pain scale Zeo - personal sleep coach To get involved with the New York  QS Meetup, check it out at http://www.meetup.com/NYQuantifiedSelf/ The first QS Conference will take place in May 28-29.

More about Quantified Self is available at http://quantifiedself.com/ More about Steven G. Dean is available at his website. http://www.g51studio.com/

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