Parsons Reunion 2016


Angela Luna / BFA Fashion Design 2016

founder and president of Adiff 

Sophia Sunwoo / BBA Strategic Design Management 2010 

principle & co-founder of Water Collective  

Lucy Jones / BFA Fashion Design 2015  

- recipient of unnatural "Social Innovator" fellowship resulting in residency at Eileen Fisher in partnership w Council of Fashion Designers of America (CFDA) 

Nelsoj De Jesus Ubri / BFA  



audience question:

how do i make sure that I am achieving enough every day. 

Sophia Sunwoo quotes Tony Robbins: 

"You over estimate what you can accomplish in a year. But you underestimate what you can accomplish in 10 years" 

the common theme: 

Not set deadlines but a non-linear organic process 

Towers highlights a pattern among the panelists:

"What I hear you are saying  

how you approach to complexity - one step at a time you have to in order to solve wicked problems "

    - Joel Towers - Dean of Parsons 



"you you don't know the top until you've seen the bottom and worked our way up"

- Kay's dad

wrote a letter when she was 8 years old

built 125M business - had it all stolen by partner

fashion designer and entrepreneur  

traveled 39/40 years - every show - made sure to give back money  

everyday I am going back to school

 So often the arts are forgotten -

and that's how a lot of us learn

we learn differently


When I saw the space - not only in technology but in changing the futre

But with regards to hospitals [and other human contexts] is what we are teaching 

A letter Kay wrote when she was 8 years old stating she wants to be a fashion designer 

A letter Kay wrote when she was 8 years old stating she wants to be a fashion designer 

Tor of the new Making center



27,000 sq ft out of a larger 80,000 sq ft in downtown Manhattan dedicated to making.

part of process focused on "redesigning the design school"

3D printers of all kinds FDM and STL

Printing set ups for screen printing with washing stations, lithographaohy etc. 

    - this is where Jeff Staple started - but upgraded  


3D knitting machine - like the ones used to make Nike Flyknits - coming soon  

No luddiets allowed

Great to see how parts of the university change so often and so dramatically.

This constantly change may be driven by New York or as Dave Marin thinks - that in this field of creativity you constantly have to be reinventing yourself.


Parsons is 120 years old

Notes taken on a mobile device. Pardon any auto-corrections or incorrection.