Leap - Art in China

Leap Magazine (艺术界)The first bi-lingual (Chinese and English) art magazine.  It's broken up into three sections "上, 中, and 下 (top, middle and bottom) are differently conceived." Their site is just a splash page - keep an eye on it. Brought to my attention by Benjamin Bacon

Intro by Redbox

"LEAP (艺术界) is a brand-new bilingual magazine covering Chinese contemporary art and culture. In the words of Chief Editor Philip Tinari, it’s “a magazine about art in China, or rather art and China, that aims to do things ever so slightly differently from the dozens of art magazines which have emerged here in Beijing since auction fever began in 2006.”

The first issue was released just in time for the Lunar New Year, and features interviews, profiles, exhibition reviews, and a collaborative look back at the past ten years of Chinese contemporary art from leading figures. But mixed with serious criticism, there’s also a fashion photo-spread entitled “Caochangdi Last Supper,” and comic-like illustrations by Xu Zhen’s MADEIN. With a healthy dose of pop and irreverence, LEAP seems determined to not be just another Chinese contemporary art magazine."

Video preview on Youku Interview with Chief Editor Philip Tinari on 3030

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Conferences + Events

A list of conferences + events to keep an eye on: Idea Festival - Louisville, KY TEDxManhattan SDN - SDNC11 - SCAD Interaction 11 - in Boulder

If you want to host a TEDxManhattan viewing party for those that won't make it to the actual location let me know.  Maybe TEDxManhattan-but-in-Brooklyn. I'm sure there will be a lot of options cropping up, probably some at Parsons, but backups never hurt. See Details for hosting a TEDxManhattan viewing party. And their page on MeetUp

Notes taken on a mobile device. Pardon any auto-corrections or incorrection.