Three Types of Design

John Maeda dissected design into three types of design.
This model was first displayed in KPCB's 2016 Design in Tech Report.
It has since been reused in 2017's DIT Report.

3 Types of Design - John Maeda KPCB Design in Tech Report

I find it useful in conveying to people the types of design I specialize in. Design Thinking to define new revenue streams for better business models. And Computational Design, such as using WebVR to code functional Augmented Reality prototypes.

Madea writes how this simple chart is controversial. Much the model can be debated. For example, websites and mobile sites could be seen as falling into "Classical Design" because we have been making them for decades.

See more on the Design in Tech report here.


Notes taken on a mobile device. Pardon any auto-corrections or incorrection.