xR Announcements - 2017 Q2

Recent xR announcements
include but are beyond head mounted displays

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Use cases for AR

- information
- digital objects
- enhancements

Focused on the camera as the AR platform



Building Blocks
- Precise Location
- (SLAM) Simultaneous Localization & Mapping
- Mapping 3D scenes from still photos
- 3D Effects
- Object recognition 

Use Cases visualized
Leave directions or notes for friends.

Give people more information about where they are

Drop digital objects other people can find and interact with right there



- Use by airlines to make jet engines
- To manager factories with data overlaid
- For medicine
- In education
Released hand held controllers (they are the only 6DOF multi-hand controllers you can set down on a flat surface).


Google Lens:
“Vision based computing capabilities”
Tango is now ARCore - 
based on:
- Camera movement
- Approximate Lighting
- Planar tracking (horizontal only)

- Approximate lighting
- Amazon has a game development engine.
The implications for commerce are huge.

They don’t have to be in HMDs
Newly announced experiences are mobile based.

But… whatever devices we wear will offer functionality of replacing everything that we do with current mobile phones.

Torch 3D has people ask, "This prototyping tool your creating. If you don’t think people will use it for games…what will they use it for?"
Torch 3D's answer is “For everything else. Everything that we currently use our phones for.”

It is immediately important to understand how it affects your business beyond the CMO role and across your organization.

Notes taken on a mobile device. Pardon any auto-corrections or incorrection.