Joby / Stathis Venture

A lot of buzz about the Joby and Peter Stathis collaboration.It's a strategic move for Joby to apply their technology, team and knowledge to a different type of product and target market.

[singlepic id=1059] [singlepic id=1060] They have received good reception online at blogs like Co.Design and there was a good reception at CITE showroom in SoHo. [singlepic id=1071] [singlepic id=1062]

[singlepic id=1058] George from CITE with some Parsons students.

There was another reception for Stathis the next Monday at Phaidon.

[singlepic id=1063] While the light given off isn't harsh like most LEDs, other parts of the design could use some critiquing. Many people thought the power button was a dial to tone up or tone down. If they just had holes (no LEDs) in a circle and then one LED in the center of that circle, that would make more sense - as in the single button signifying "Press me." Versus the circle of buttons signifying "Touch or swipe us."

CITE's manager George with one of his creations [singlepic id=1051] [slideshow id=77 w=695 h=462] See more of George's work at le mouton noir and co. Event info via Core77 Experience light and embrace movement as CITE presents the global launch of the JOBY | Peter Stathis Venture Collaboration. The California-infused lighting line invites you to delight your senses and engage with deceptively simple, surprising and futuristic approaches to the modern interior. Join us to celebrate this dynamic approach to entrepreneurialism and design while rediscovering your youthful sense of wonderment and play.

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