1st annual Contact Summit : The Evolution Will Be Social

The 1st annual Contact Summit is a working festival of innovation where the net's leading mindsand entrepreneurs can connect with the people who are building the social technologies of tomorrow. The net of the future will not be fueled by ads, but by people solving real problems through distributed, peer-to-peer solutions. This is the dormant promise of the Internet, finally coming to fruition.

Contact brings together recognized social technology companies like Foursquare, Meetup.com, Kickstarter, and Etsy, together with technologists, academics, artists, students and entrepreneurs. Participants include Dennis Crowley, Douglas Rushkoff, Al Orensanz, Steven Johnson, Clay Shirky, Dave Winer, Daniella Jaeger, Joanne McNeil, Venessa Miemis, Richard Metzger, and many others.

The day consists of a morning of "provocations," an afternoon of participant-led discussions, and a 2 hour long Bazaar and exhibitor space. Budding entrepreneurs can pitch their ideas and demo their projects with the chance of winning one of three $10K Innovation Awards to support and accelerate their mission.

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http://contactcon.com/ October 20, 2011. New York, NY

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