UX Show & Tell 2011

The first UX Show and Tell for 2011 was held at Moment, an interaction design firm.  It was another great IxDA event. A team presented on a new way to create, share and collaborate on iPhone mockups. And we got a sneak peak of a SXSW presentation. One of the presentations was about a high-tech way to navigate the city, wish good research and stakeholder interviews. It was real service design, which I always find interesting as it's very much the work I want to do. View Moment here http://www.momentnyc.com/.[singlepic id=459] [singlepic id=460] [singlepic id=462] Upstage http://upstageapp.com/ [singlepic id=471] timed presentations [singlepic id=470] thanks to Moment [singlepic id=472] Chris Avore - UX Show & Tell [singlepic id=473] John Payne - Moment [singlepic id=474] Moment

Join us for the next one. To throw your own UX Show and Tell, check out UXShowandTell.com And then check out the guide on how to set one up http://erova.com/showandtell/UX_Show_and_Tell.pdf

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Notes taken on a mobile device. Pardon any auto-corrections or incorrection.