Service Design Jam

"On 11 March, 2011, people interested in service and customer experience will meet at locations all over the globe. They will be designers, students, academics, business people, and customers. In a spirit of experimentation, innovation, co-operation and friendly competition, teams will have less than 48 hours to develop and prototype completely new services inspired by a shared theme.  At the end of the weekend, their collection of brand new services will be published to the world. Join us at the Global Service Jam 2010."

Schedule: "Multiple locations, worldwide, jamming to the same beat:

[Fri. 11 March by 5 pm local]

The Jam participants come together at worldwide locations prepared by local organisers.

[Fri. 11 March, 6.30 pm local]

The global themes and achievements (optional goals) for the Jam are presented. Discussion in informal groups.  Dinner is a good idea.

[Fri. 11 March, 9pm local]

The local Jam comes together for the pitching session.  Anyone can present their basic idea, groups form, and participants join the group that interests them.

[Fri. 11. March, 10pm local] until  [Sun. 13 March, 3pm local]

The groups work independently, supported by Mentors and Specialist Providers in some locations.  Research or observations are performed virtually, or through short excursions. The teams develop their service design and prototype it using whatever methods they choose. Sleep is optional, but recommended.

Local Jams are in contact globally through social media, wormholes, carrier pigeons or whatever else we set up. Share, exchange, inspire. But remember - it is deeply Cheesy and Uncool to communicate the themes to teams to the West of you. For a level playing field, themes are announced at LOCAL time...

[Sun. 13 March, 3pm local]

The teams deliver documentation of a working prototype.  This can be a film of human interaction, photos of a mock-up, a dummy website, or anything else that provides a permanent, publishable record of their idea and work. These are uploaded and published for the world under Creative Commons licensing.

After publishing, teams can sit back, kick back, enjoy a well-earned beverage and browse through the global results. Or they can get busy supporting teams further to the west..."


How to Join: USA, New York City The contact for the New York City, USA location is Cameron Tonkinwise. Are you local? Contact Cameron! Cameron Tonkinwise - Parsons Twitter: @camerontw

China, Shanghai The contacts for the Shanghai, China Jam are Bruno Porto and David Fox. Are you local? Contact Bruno & David! Emails: &

For information on more locations: For information on how to start your own:

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