Education in China

; approach pushes students to top of tests "Many educators say China’s strength in education is also a weakness. The nation’s education system is too test-oriented, schools here stifle creativity and parental pressures often deprive children of the joys of childhood, they say."

"These are two sides of the same coin: Chinese schools are very good at preparing their students for standardized tests." "For that reason, they fail to prepare them for higher education and the knowledge economy.”

"In an interview, Mr. Jiang said Chinese schools emphasized testing too much, and produced students who lacked curiosity and the ability to think critically or independently.

“It creates very narrow-minded students,” he said. “But what China needs now is entrepreneurs and innovators.”

This is a common complaint in China. Educators say an emphasis on standardized tests is partly to blame for the shortage of innovative start-ups in China. And executives at global companies operating here say they have difficulty finding middle managers who can think creatively and solve problems."

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Source: "Shanghai Schools’ Approach Pushes Students to Top of Tests" David Barboza, New York Times;%20approach%20pushes%20students%20to%20top%20of%20tests&st=cse

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