Chinese Model - US Model

"China adapts quickly, making difficult decisions and implementing them effectively," "Americans pride themselves on constitutional checks and balances, based on a political culture that distrusts centralised government. This system has ensured individual liberty and a vibrant private sector, but it has now become polarised and ideologically rigid." -Francis Fukuyama, historian, featured in Financial Times

"Fukuyama seems to be warning that, in Darwinian terms, the Chinese system may be more adaptive than the land of the free." I love when people apply Darwin theory to things other than biology. I think the land of the free needs to rethink itself. But that's what we've always been doing, rethinking ourself. Now we realize we need to rethink ourself.

side note: Why is Time developing articles off of Financial Times?

Source: Time (who sourced from FT),8599,2043235,00.html#ixzz1BidMhwtn

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