Goal & Challenge:

Creating a membership packages that has enough value to the kids and parents to justify the $800 annual membership.
(creating the equivalent value to the parents and kids in the membership & kit)
Need to have parents buy into the culture and events.


1. Daycare & Education Organizations:
2. Traditional Tennis Facilities:
Their context ranges from public gym (New York Parks & Rec tennis center) to old country clubs (which exist as contract to urban contexts).

3. Kids' Museum Programs
456 (simple images, maybe quote)
Why do some playgrounds stay empty, but others are used?


idea 1 2 3
1 - Possibly lower the annual membership to $500/year and bring the price of classes up from $40 to $43.
2 - 
3 - Season Package
    schedules to take note of: (turn into a timeline)

  • School year:
    • Semester 1
  • Xmas break camp
    • Semester 2 + Spring Break (can parents pause their contract at this point?)
  • Summer Break