Full google map:
     (their ecosystem and times are different)
          religious affiliation
          # of students
          open time
          close time: [this makes a good difference in when we schedule our after school program]

Do delve into:
Great Schools:
searched by zipcode
     (their ecosystem and times are different)
          religious affiliation
          # of students
          open time
          close time: [this makes a good difference in when we schedule our after school program]

5th Ave, BK.

5th and 
     long stretch
     pay attention to ‘strategic businesses’ wherever our primary consumers shop. like:
          toy stores:
          sporting good stores:
          bike stores:

PS No. 133
Public School Number 133

Spirit Week - 10 - 14 Feb.
Monday - School Spirit Day - Support your school - wear school colors or uniform.
Tuesday - Sports Logo Day - support your favorite sports team.
Wednesday - Twin Day - Who's your twin, triplet, quadruplet...?
Thursday - Crazy Hair or Hat Day?
Friday - Red Day.

Park Slope Christian Academy
98 5th Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11217
After school classes.
10 students per class.


Key Restaurants:

where the parents might hang out


Stores for kids:


community bulletin board - featuring posts from people and local businesses in the neighborhood.


Post cards from Lulu's

School’s out 2014 Summer Camp & After School:

featured on the community bulletin board at Lulu's
Free admission 
Sat - Feb 8 from 2 to 5pm at PS 321 
180 7th Ave, Brooklyn.
“This is THE one-stop resource for children’s activities - from tots to teens. Connect with the best summer, after-school, and enrichment programs in Brooklyn and beyond.

Sponsored by Hanson Place orthodontics.
more info:

" the past two years we've had more than 1,000 attendees during the three-hour event. It’s free to visitors. "

Full list of exhibitors:


Refining the approach:
A map with the path taken (showing the photos in an order swinging from Atlantic Ave, down fifth and back up 7th). Or by type: restaurant , school, etc.



Brooklyn Academy of Music
     30 Lafayette Ave, Brooklyn, NY



Wall at BAM, designed by KAWS

33 Lafayette Ave (across from the museum).

This is an excellent benchmark program Artist (Kaws) + Company (Con Edison > they own the lot next to C16) + Public Space (BAM is a public org)

The words "Bold wink" is actually a bike rack.

Atlantice Ave Mall

Highlights the areas where we will be distributing the giveaways 
to know the neighborhood and the people, the communities.



in Atlantic Ave Mall - 1st Floor.

"At the entrance on the left, there’s a school section with bunch of interesting items."

"The $1 section has a few things we could repurpose - or at least inspiration great giveaways."

Promotion items for kids:

click photos to enlarge

Additional ideas:

"Draw at the checking while waiting for mom & dad."
While parents discuss details with C16 staff, the front desk in C16 can have a lower table for kids - covered in large paper or with a large drawing pad and markers for the kids to draw.

The paper can feature the C16 logo, web address and other tennis icons - as a takeaway.


"Remember C16 at home"
Magnets - for the parents to put it on the refrigerator. In the US, parents often hang their kids artwork up on the fridge.


Not pictured: Birthday party - a pack of invitations for the parent to distribute to their child's invitees.


in Atlantic Ave Mall - 2nd Floor.




Great "visual merchandising" and strong design language

The blocks on the wall - a la ABC alphabet blocks.

Size chart on the mirror, wall and shelves
Denotes height of kid and approx age, which correlates with clothing size.

Kid's Clothing

Kid's parka
A jacket is something they can wear to school and around the neighborhood with the C16 logo.

Name tags:
each part of the membership kit should contain a branded name tag (with Court 16 logo) and space for the kid to write their name (parent's first name or phone number?).



Openly collaborates with other brands targeting kids.

Uniqlo Disney Project


Uniqlo Chupa Chups
December 2013 "
Uniqlo teamed up with lollipop brand Chupa Chups for a range of long-sleeved t-shirts and hoodies for girls."- via License Mag

photo by AE. Click to enlarge

via License Mag. Click to enlarge

via Uniqlo Malaysia. Click to enlarge

Uniqlo launched its kids' line in the US in Fall 2012.

More uniqlo kids:

Uniqlo and tennis:

Uniqlo & Food:
A good approach to nutrition.
We can have ways to authentically engage with our member base about health and nutrition.

Uniqlo Sponsoring:
Uniqlo also sponsors MoMa's Free Friday Nights.
Brands can sponsor C16 speaker series, C16 free open hours (only open to 10 registrants for example) etc.

Chuck E Cheese's


in Atlantic Ave Mall - 3rd Floor.

Chuck-e-cheese’s birthday parties: 

Reservation a week in advance.
$20 / kid
online birthday planning:


Kid Check program
Entrance and exit are different lines and different doors
Attendant stamps everyone's hand upon entry

"Everyone who comes together, leaves together. The Kid Check progra in this restaurant uses cameras to continuously record visual images, but you should not rely upon them as a surveillance system. Contact the restuarant manager for more information on the Kid Check program.  Please remember our Kid Check program is not a substitute for adult supervision.  Parents or guardians must supervise their children while visiting." - On the sign at CEC reception.

Reception desk -  where they stamp your hand.

Reception desk - where they stamp your hand.

Kid Check

Chuck E Cheese's also offers:
Membership - without any clear great benefits.
-exclusive coupons, kid's reward calendars, birthday specials, reservation of birthday parties
School Fundraising Events
Prizes - these should be looked into as giveaways

Chuck E Cheese's Birthday party brochure

Modell's Sports.

Tennis is in the back right hand corner of the store (furthest from the door).
It occupies one shelf.
Tennis racquets are not merchandised by size or age group.

When we build a plan, we do this based on experience, not on the Internet.”
— -AE

Intro to Brooklyn Neighborhoods




Week 1

Week 2

Week 3

"one of the finest historic neighborhoods in Brooklyn. Taking its name from its topography, Park Slope sits on a gentle hill that stretches from the Gowanus Canal to Prospect Park, which was designed by Frederick Law Olmsted and Calvert Vaux in 1865. Park Slope is bounded by Prospect Park to the east, Fourth Avenue to the west, Flatbush Avenue to the north, and Green-Wood Cemetery to the south."