AMERICA'S first indoor tennis club for kids


Transform an old warehouse in Brooklyn's industrial zone into an indoor tennis club for kids.

SAM'S ROLE: Interaction & Service Designer


One of the three tennis courts is just a few feet shy of being a USTA sanctioned kid's tennis court.
Develop a premium tennis class for this space using technology and a methodology for the child to receive feedback.

ACTION (Sam's Area of Responsibility)

Premium Tennis Classes

Kid to wall

Kid to wall

1. Visual Patterns

Kids are instructed via projected on a wall. (paired with coach's verbal directions for feedback)

Proof of concept >
Production time: 
3 days
Presented to CEO

Racquet to ball

Racquet to ball

2. Racquet Power

Increase performance and entertainment value by projecting the power and type of each shot on the wall. (feedback loop from accelerometer attached to racquet)

Proof of concept >
Production time: 1 hour


Ball to target

Ball to target

3. Play Performance

Fully interactive with responsive targets moving while projected on the wall.
(feedback loop via measuring the ball's impact on the wall) 

Open source platform >
Instructions and code


- Ethnographic and market research
- Physical & digital rapid prototyping 

- Designed customer life cycle process
 Implemented human to human customer on boarding process
- Bootstrapping a start-up from the ground up


A sports program, a human service, a digital system, and space where hundreds of kids smile on the court :)

Responsive website

Responsive website

Photo of East Tennis Hall

Photo of East Tennis Hall

Court 16 x Lacoste Opening Season Uniform

Court 16 x Lacoste Opening Season Uniform



Matias Honorato & Paul Coughlin: architects.
Alex Lins: graphic art and logo.


Lacoste USA: Apparel
Mokoyubi Threads:
Waited Collective: Furniture

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