Biometric Passports

Which countries have biometric passports, which do not?

Biometric passports available to the general public

Announced future availability of biometric passports

Countries without Biometric passports.

Less than 13% of African nations have biometric passports.

How are biometric passports used?


The chip is part of a process in a larger system.

Biometric passports also open us up to new security threats and like biometric data being stolen.

Better questions:
What other good forms of identification are coming out?
What methods and artefacts that allow people to travel with ease? Explore new lands, conduct safe business, visit loved ones?

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Visualizing the ‘most powerful’ passports

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"Advanced economies dominate the top of the list. Hong Kong comes in at 11, while Argentina and Israel are ranked 16th."

Countries by the colors

There are more countries with red color passports, then blue, few with green, least with black.

How many have biometrics installed in the actual passport?

Trust on a Global Scale

"Countries that are allies often offer each others’ citizens a quick visa on arrival. For countries that are not so friendly, a visitor may have to provide entry and exit information, a letter of invitation, and even list all of the clubs they belonged to in high school — as well as paying a hefty fee."

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