NYC UX Community Holiday Party

Yesterday was the UX Community's annual holiday party, attended by IxDA, UPA to name a few. I attended with my friend Jake from Parsons' Design+Management program.  It was mostly relaxing and socializing. But I learn about new things every time I meet with members of these groups. We met a number people there who majored in English, liberal arts, or journalism. That is because just a few years ago degrees were not available for the disciplines they now practice. Which is interesting for Jake and myself because he is getting a BBA in Design+ Management and I am getting a BFA in Integrated Design. Those are not common job titles. It isn't necessarily our goal to make them more common titles. We're looking define new roles, new methods and from that may come new titles. [singlepic id=255] [singlepic id=257]

Topics we brought up: Service Design for transportation - specifically airlines Redesigned airline tickets - brought to my attention by Jess Eddy who has great work.

Information Architecture - Do you have any examples of good IA for a site including search functions that aggregate info from other organizations? Specifically for services like OpenTable or Kayak - where there is info from many restaurants and hotels.

960 Grid System - Fluid 960 Grid System - featuring code download 960 Grid System - featuring Illustrator, InDesign, Flash template downloads etc

Architecture - Bjarke Ingels 3 warp-speed architecture tales on TED Bjarke Ingels Group website

Joshua Prince-Ramus uses Hyperreality Designing the Seattle Central Library TED on youtube

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Notes taken on a mobile device. Pardon any auto-corrections or incorrection.