Teaching Prototyping for VR/AR/xR

I'm teaching a full day workshop at R/GA on Prototyping VR/AR/xR.
Two years ago, I spoke about skill gap when designing for xR. People asked me what I mean by xR. I replied "Extended Realities" but initially meant x for whatever form or degree of reality we are designing for when it comes to spatial computing and three dimensional interfaces.

This class shows the fundamentals of designing in three dimensionally rendered space to prototype across the reality-virtuality spectrum from VR to AR using web based technologies.

This approach of using web based technologies allows participants to developer a prototyping pipeline that can be experienced cross platform. So the output is not application dependent such as Snap Lens Studio or Facebook AR Studio. Nor do the experiences rely on Unity and Unreal to produce platform dependent applications for  ARCore on iOS and ARKit on Android.
The web has largely brought about a democratization of information consumption and production.  This full day course makes prototyping the next generation of computing accessible.

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Notes taken on a mobile device. Pardon any auto-corrections or incorrection.