Parsons' origin

Today at the Parsons Reunion, Kay Unger mentioned that Parsons School of Design was on East 54th street in the 1960s.

Searching for “Parsons East 54th street” pulled up this one relevant result on Google books “The Lives of Danielle Steel.”

Danielle Steel, the the best selling author alive, went to Parsons for a year before dropping out and then going to NYU which she also left before she could graduate.
Here’s a description of what Parsons was like in the 1960’s and how rigorous it was.

Parsons E 54.png
Parsons Fashion Design.png

source: Google Books.

Bane, Vickie L., and Lorenzo Benet. The Lives of Danielle Steel: the Unauthorized Biography of America's #1 Best-Selling Author. St. Martin's Paperbacks, 1999.

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