Keynote - Into The Future: A World Without Edges with Graeme Devine


  • "Iteration in a new medium is a must"
    • seen with radio, television, video games.
  • "It takes time for a platform to find itself (and construct a comfortable, unwritten contract with the player, the view viewer" for what that format for experience really is. i.e, "TV episode, that radio play, that video game" control and interaction system).

    Video games developed a formula where one controller moves the character, one controller moves the camera. It took about 20 years for us to reach that contract with the player. What is interaction in Mixed Reality?
  • Cats always win
Catastrophe - from Magic Leap Pitchfest

Catastrophe - from Magic Leap Pitchfest

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Why Mixed Reality?
Would it be more fit for a different platform?
People often present something to me - and it might be better experienced in a normal, non-mixed reality format. Such as a map or normal app.

  1. Theme park - increase entertainment.
  2. Warehouse - increase productivity.
  3. Profession - i.e.: Spinal surgery - I can look up at the spine but don’t have to look up at the monitor - the surgery takes less time, the person has a chance to heal better and survive better.

Notes taken on a mobile device. Pardon any auto-corrections or incorrection.