Focals by North

I used Amazon Alexa on the Focals, asked for a cafe nearby and requested directions.
It’s kind of like a smartwatch on your face.

_ Optics: Laser
_ 15 degree viewing area
_ 300 x 300px
_ Monocular

_ Microphone
_ Voice to Text with Amazon Alex
_ Speaker
_ No Camera

The Loop (the ring) - an input device like a joystick on a ring.

Customer service - impeccable.
You get you face scanned.

”Hard to see in daylight
The Ring input device is water resistant.

Mapping Service is Mapbox

Showed “lost internet connection”
[Issues with mapping - does not provide a very accurate position of your location.]

Needed to create a different number to receive text notifications
Text messages are not sent to the Focals, they are sent to North’s server and then North’s server sends a message to the Focals.

Can only order Uber X.
I grew to having enjoy notifications.
They feel like the future.”


You can check them out in Toronto and Brooklyn. The environment, customer service and even the response time from the Focals team on social media is really impressive.
Learn more here

Visit in BK here


178 Court St | Brooklyn, NY 11201

Notes taken on a mobile device. Pardon any auto-corrections or incorrection.