Parsons SDM: Design Intelligence Conference

Hosted by Parsons Strategic Design and Management.

This year’s conference will be driven by the  question: What Can Design Intelligence Do? Through the immersive day-long experience we will explore these questions from various perspectives and sectors and through the course of the day have the opportunity to talk about design in the context of new economics, new models, and new work.

The second annual Design Intelligence Conference hosted by Strategic Design + Management will feature: 

10 - 11:00: Registration, Greetings and Light Breakfast

11:30 - 12:30: Panel Discussion

Design Intelligence: What can it do? Exploring the power of design thinking approaches across multiple sectors. Overview: The session will focus on a discussion about design thinking and industry specific applications. There will be multiple panelists, each from a different sector and one to two student voices to have a conversation about how design thinking touches their work and the power of using this design intelligence when tackling complex issues across industries.

Panthea Lee: Founder + Principal, Reboot

Chelsea Mauldin: Executive Director, Public Policy Lab

Allison Samuels: Professor & Field Mentor, CUNY Baruch

Randy Plemel, Design Lead, IDEO

Laura Simao, SDM '15

Tommy Fadoul, SDM '16

Moderated by, Alice Krenitski, SDM '15

12:30 - 1:15: Lunch

1:30 - 3:00: Workshop Sessions (pre-registration register for a workshop here—space is limited)

Workshop: Beyond the Brainstorm

The brainstorm is a heavily leaned upon "creative method" for soliciting ideas from groups. Often, however, once the brainstorm is finished the group does not have the tools, tactics, and methodologies to move beyond ideas. Using design thinking methodologies, we will practice ways to prioritize information, combine and build ideas, and have teams adopt a shared vision so that they can move toward action.

Facilitated by Karen Jackson, SDM '15, Director of Experience Design and Strategy, REACH Strategies

Workshop: Humanity at Scale: Designing People-Centric Organizations

Many companies focus on delivering a great experience for their customers, while internally, they struggle with poor communications, complex processes and confusing self-serve experiences. How might we apply design thinking to these challenges, which intersect human resources, operations, technology, environment, culture and ultimately, employee engagement? Through this co-design workshop, we’ll explore some of these issues and generate possible solutions.

Facilitated by Elizabeth Enck, SDM '15, Director of Strategy, we are experience

Workshop: Cultural Design 

Every organization had an identity - whether it has been purposefully crafted or has haphazardly come into being. An organization's identity manifests itself in two ways - as a brand, and as a culture. This workshop will explore what it means to design for culture: we will look at the importance of culture across human and business factors, build frameworks for understanding and exploring culture as it exists in our organization's today, and practice pulling the levers that can lead to impactful culture change. Throughout this journey, we'll utilize our design toolkit and explore how human centered design can create powerful and engaging cultures.

Facilitated by Andrew Hutton, SDM '14, Consultant, Accenture

Workshop: Design Intelligence for New Venture Design

This workshop explores the role of the design strategist within highly innovative entrepreneurial contexts. Using a macro-scale view of social trends, economic forces and technological advances, we will explore the use of design strategies to create breakthrough products, services and business models. Topics covered will include trend mapping, product development and innovation strategy.

Facilitated by Victor Angel, Co-founder N8 Innovation Studio, SDM '14

Workshop: Role of Design Thinking in Technology

How do we converge the creativity of design with its functional role in enhancing business strategy? Technology enacts as the medium in which the role of design thinking impacts the process, providing business solutions that will innovate our global economy. Through the workshop, we will explore how to position client's business challenges and how creative technology is used to unravel its complexities and build financially sustainable solutions.

Facilitated by Esther Ahn, SDM '14, Senior Strategies, Digital Engagement OgilvyOne Worldwide

Workshop: Communicating Design Intellicence 

How to communicate what can design thinking do for the users that are not aware of its potential? How can you, as a designer, communicate what needs you can address and the value you can bring? This workshop will focus on the problem areas in communication and matchmaking between innovation professionals and the first-time users.

Facilitated by Henryk StawickiSDM '15

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