Theoretical Viral Framework

[singlepic id=378][singlepic id=380] This was a breeze after AKQA. My kerning, spacing and everything were still poor, and still need brushing up. But Parsons is great in that it offers me the ability to learn about marketing theories, cultural dimensions and how things should ideally run. In addition to all of the wonderful theoretical models and frameworks, some professor were actual Mad Men and drill you to come up with really unique concepts. They really know how and why offices are structured in particular models and the fine grain detail about the human to human interaction that would go on. They certainly do have stories to tell. [nggallery id=31] The "see - learn - do -share" process is from Marieke de Mooij's Global Marketing and Advertising. One of the key differences in a viral model is that it offers the ability to share at multiple points throughout the experience, not only once the purchase and experience has been completed. Source: Marieke de Mooij Ph.D.

Notes taken on a mobile device. Pardon any auto-corrections or incorrection.