LeftLoft, Italian Design Studio Opens in New York

Leftloft, an Italian design studio opens it doors in New York this year.  They had a reception for their studio launch earlier this week on Fifth Ave, right around the corner from Parsons.  They describe themselves as an "independnt graphic design company based out of Milan, Italy." They do graphic design and creative direction/strategy.  They've aslo done some really nice information design and design for environments.Some of their clients include: Moleskine, Pirelli, Politecnico di Milano, Car Sharing Italia [singlepic id=232] [singlepic id=246] CMGN [singlepic id=238] Paul from Pentagram New York [singlepic id=233] 倍耐力Perelli 是一家CSR公司 [singlepic id=239] Touchpoint Genius!  It's like the Ridel logo that has been etched inversely on the bottom of their crystal, so when you finish a glass you are looking right at their logo. [singlepic id=249]

Check them out at http://leftloft.com/

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