NYC Global Service Jam Recap

The New York City event for the Global Service Jam was organized and hosted by Cameron Tonkinwise. [singlepic id=712] In 48 hours, cities around the world held local events to ideate and "develop brand new services inspired by a shared theme" of superheroes.  Participants came from companies including DEGW, Moment, Co-Op, Smart Design, Curve ID, Seren, Brightspot, HLW, VizThink and more. There was a good blend of brand designers, design managers, architects and a few that worked as service designers. Together, we all came up with some great concepts.

PREMISE The theme around superheroes was then broken down into traits such as imaginative, transient, prescient, principled etc. Those traits guided the solutions that were designed. It took the groups a while to focus their concepts on human to human interaction and how people can serve as heroes instead of relying on a decision engine, digital platform or system. In the end, there were some very compelling and impressive concepts shown. [singlepic id= 709]

DOMAINS From there, multiple domain problems were proposed. The domains that were sketched out but weren't focused on included dental care for kids, urban transportation systems, homelessness, micro-loans, childhood obesity among more. The domains we chose to further address were distributed learning (education), in-home services for aging, supporting revolutions. Teams then were built around those domains. [singlepic id=739]

PRESENTING+CRITING In addition to helping the groups critique their work, there were three presentthese members also presented There were short presentations by Cameron Tonkinwise on service design forming paid friendship, Paul Pangaro on cybernetic systems, Steven Dean on the use of realtime data to inform service design, and Elliot Felix on the use of physical space as a platform for service design. [singlepic id=783]

THOUGHTS: It was great to collaborate with professionals outside of a solely academic setting.

SUPER THANKS: Thanks to all of the participants that gave up their weekend to work on these ideas.  And a super thanks to: Jacqueline Hon, for helping register people. Rostislav Roznoshchik - for helping produce the event.  Cameron Tonkinwise - for hosting the event and trying to save humanity.

More info at about the global event here

Setting up [nggallery id=55] Working [nggallery id=56] Presenting+Critiquing [nggallery id=57]

Notes taken on a mobile device. Pardon any auto-corrections or incorrection.