IxDA Panel-Oke

[singlepic id=614][singlepic id=618] IxDA EVENT INFORMATION Yesterday IxDA held an experimental evening of panel-oke, a form of participatory panel that takes a fresh look at the traditional panel structure of questioner, panel, and audience.

Unlike traditional discussion panels, panel-oke audience members become part of the panel itself as soon as they ask a question. The person who is asking the question can specify either the type of designers they want to answer the question, the specific domain knowledge the question requires, or specific people they want to answer the question. Once a question and the type of panel participants required have been defined, a panel forms to answer that particular question. The panel dissolves after the question has been debated/answered, and the whole process repeats again.

Using this format, the distinction between audience and participants fades away and the panel process becomes an engaging participatory event. Panel-ok combines the structure of a discussion panel with the flexibility and openness of karaoke.

[singlepic id=620] [singlepic id=621] [singlepic id=622] [singlepic id=623] [singlepic id=624] [singlepic id=625] [singlepic id=615] [singlepic id=619] ABOUT IAN SWINSON Ian Swinson (@iswinson) is a design director, cyclist, pattern librarian, and typophile. Currently Senior Manager of Platform and Analytics User Experience at Salesforce.com, Ian has been designing user interfaces and experiences for over 10 years. He is also the inventor of Postcard Patterns, an agile UI pattern creation process that makes pattern libraries more manageable and readable (http://www.slideshare.net/iswinson/ixda09-postcard-patterns).

ABOUT ANDREA MIGNOLO Andrea Mignolo (@pnts) is a interaction, interface, and visual designer with an interest in urban spaces and telepresence. She is a local leader for the New York chapter of the Interaction Design Association, Creative Director at Nabewise.com, and Senior Designer at Eastmedia. [singlepic id=617]Thank you Pivotal Labs! [singlepic id=618]Go TechStars [nggallery id=52] event information via: http://www.ixda.org/local/event/29589 Sign up to participate in events and discussions. Follow IxDA on Twitter @IxDA_NYC

Notes taken on a mobile device. Pardon any auto-corrections or incorrection.