Interaction 11 Photo Highlights

[singlepic id=544]Peter March[singlepic id=545] [singlepic id=546]Jackson Carson [singlepic id=548]John Yuda [singlepic id=550]Carl Aviani [singlepic id=551] Erik Hersman [singlepic id=552] [singlepic id=554] Eduardo Ortiz and Andrea Mignolo [singlepic id=556] Erik Dahl [singlepic id=557] Derek Chan [singlepic id=558] David Farkas [singlepic id=559] Alan Cooper [singlepic id= 560] Ruqian Zhou [singlepic id=564] [singlepic id=566] [singlepic id=568] Christopher Rider [singlepic id=569] [singlepic id=571] Freddy Ferrao [singlepic id=574] James Mulholland [singlepic id=576] [singlepic id=579] Sketch notes by Jason Mesut [singlepic id=580] [singlepic id=582] Brenda Laurel's presentation [singlepic id=585] [singlepic id=586] Jon Kolko

[nggallery id=46] I heard via Twitter that presentations should be up in about a week.

Notes taken on a mobile device. Pardon any auto-corrections or incorrection.