Thinking in Pictures

I ran across this book in the kid's table of the Strand Book Store.

It is about a girl who thinks in pictures.

Grandin outlines three different minds

Screen Shot 2018-05-29 at 11.04.16 PM.png

1. "Photo Realistic Visual Thinkers
   - Poor at algebra"

2. "Pattern Thinkers
   - music and math"

3. "Verbal Mind
    - poor at drawing."
These appear to be a select section of Gardner's Theory of Multiple Intelligences

Unique traits for minds that are closer towards Aspergers or autism:

- " The autistic mind tends to be a specialist mind"

- The trade off between cognitive thinking and social interaction.
           Or strengths weighted to one of those areas.

- Sensory issue

-  Strong ability to categorize
with an example of quicky being able to define problems as equipment problems or personelle problems.

- Fixation

The primary visual cortex of a control brain (age, gender control) versus her brain.

“But one of the things that I was able to do in my design work is I could test-run a piece of equipment in my mind, just like a virtual reality computer system.”

Comparing her mind to a "VR computer system" is coincidental.
This was in 2010, before any consumer VR system of this millennium was even in dev kit.
But it is related to how we all think because we live in moving, volumetric system.

We think in imagery.
We test-run or simulate scenarios and processes in our mind.
We describe them visually for others to see.

Notes taken on a mobile device. Pardon any auto-corrections or incorrection.