SVA Prototyping AR Class Project Descriptions

Project 1: Marker based AR

People often think that AR has to be based on an image. With the AR elements anchored to and originating from a logo, marker, or 2D code via image recognition. This was the case for initial AR.
This exercise is to teach use the origin of AR.

Ottifox - a visual editor for AFrame
AFrame - made for WebVR. A framework for 3D experiences in HTML.
WebAR - accessible to any modern mobile browser

What you learned:
Coordinate system
How to animate
How to upload

Product packaging, currency exchange rate, enhanced newspaper, business card

Project 2: Horizontal plane based AR.

This project focuses on AR elements that are anchored to horizontal planes. You will create multiple 3D scenes over one physical area such as a room. You will learn how to design and prototype an AR experience in real world space and understand how to design the corresponding 2D screens for each scene.

Most AR is just one single object. And if you if you get close enough to it or if you tap on it, maybe it will animate. But most AR is single object and single state.

For the AR experiences that do have multiple objects, they are often the same type of object (such as furniture) all in the same scene. We have a goal of multi-scene, multi-state, interactive AR that provides more function, more value, meaning, and information.

We can allow for multiple scenes and multiple states of AR to be visible in one location. Creators should not have to “hide” the AR, or make users walk and “find the AR.” AR can and should be related to a space, but should users have to walk across space to access AR? Should they have to travel again to access the next AR moment? There is value in providing multiple scenes, in multi-state, interactive AR in one physical place.

Example: AR BnB

3D Scenes in this experience:

1. neighborhood
1.1 neighborhood with pins
2. room

Make an app that allows a user to access multiple AR scenes in one physical space.

First week - Storyboards, initial screens designs annotated

Critique and AR prototyping workshop
prototyping AR in native real world space.

Second week - refined concept AR prototype,

Project 3: Spatial Computing