iPhone 8 - Findthe8 with Verizon


A geolocation based challenge with AR

3D, AR, Systematic

SAM'S ROLE: Lead Experience Designer


Launch the iPhone 8 by hiding augmented reality “8s” for users to discover. Made exclusive and gamified by creating zoned gateways of physical space across eight cities in the US. 


Designing the experience 

At a large scale designing flows across physical space and logic to accomidate a unique conditions per locale.

Componentized UI elements

Designing the experience on an atomic interface level.


Interface Options

Key Challenge: A limited input pallet

Because of a Snapchat limitation that does not register horizontal swipes on the phone, user could only progress through the on-boarding by tapping the sides of the screen but not swiping.
Multiple Principle prototypes were made to determine the best interface pattern with users.

User Testing with Prototypes

Testing multiple options

Prototyping Snap Lenses


To test the concept and see how it "feels" by wearing the assets in AR.
Prototyping time: 5 minutes.
Tool: PSD layer to Facebook AR Studio


To internally convey what "the origin of the AR element will be to the right of the camera (further on the X axis)." So teammates could open the experience and rotate the VR camera on mobile, or tap and drag on desktop.
Prototyping time: 30 minutes
Tool: TinkerCad model to A-Frame


Users were able to create their own works of art using the Snapchat World Lens and send their submissions to Verizon through Snapchat. Every day for eight days, the best entries in each city won an iPhone 8.



Over 4 days, thousands of people played across eight cities.

31 minutes

Users spent an average of 31 minutes playing Findthe8 on Snapchat

3x iPhone 8 sales

Active markets outperformed comparable markets threefold

User submitted holograms



  Refinery 29

  Fast Company

  Marketing Tech Trends



Visual Design Director: Pete Golibersuch
Creative Director: Corel Theuma
Tech Lead: Micah Topping