Tracking in physical space

"Physical Location + User Identification"
"Tracking people in physical space.
to piece together online and offline experiences."

"As some flows start online, move off line . or whatever the case may be"

-Nigel Warren

used in apple stores.
also used in a bar in 


Magicbands at Disney




Her scenes from Shanghai.

GR projection mapping video game character

facial recognition and substitution

face substitution via auduno

Face Model Numbering

Face Model Numbering

it didn't fully register on my eyes (maybe my eyebrows are too thick), but this was the second i used it.

looks similar to a pressure point or acupuncture model

Facial Recognition in Singapore.

tries to determine information based off of your face.
it is facial recognition trying to determine age and gender.
potential applications:
security use
   shares many similar potential applications (or input uses / processing) as customer recognition, but with output, use differing to accommodate context.
customer recognition
   finding out demographics, reactions to products, checking in etc.

They just sell it as technology - with some human applications envisioned.

Facial hacking in media

This is more so identity scrambling via a "scramble suit" in Philip K. Dick's novels (represented here in screencaps of films). 
Meant to keep the wearer's identity secret, a scramble suit creates a "fake" face, either physically or just visually, to fool other people and security cameras.
The limitation to a projected scramble suit is that it does not physically change your face - meaning IR cameras (if sensitive enough) could still map one's face.

Screen Shot 2014-01-13 at 10.57.10 AM.png

Camouflage from face detection.

Facial recognition software is now on many cameras, photo editing or managing software (iPhoto, Picasa), and social networks.