Reach your limits

[mockup... just phone / gallery showing diff screens. right side has text. simple]


While stretching, a pose must be held for at least two minutes for the muscles to relax.

Two minutes is the minimum time for progress to be made.

The value of a breath

AND The action of stillness



Phone Output:

o: breathing pattern (dynamic data-visualization)
o: avatar's saturation moves with your breathing
o: longer musical notes on exhale to extend your breath out

o: data visualization of your ability to stay still

i: self for quantified self to be a better self


Watch Input

i: Breathing pattern [mic]
i: Motion [gyroscope]

o: Haptic feedback [taptic engine] upon completion

Mobile + Wearable Use


A format for everyone

Who in particular?

people that want to be healthier via:

+ reaching a flexibility goal or physical therapy
+ aerobic exercises with body weight, non-impact bearing
+ increased musculature (stretching is the yin to weight lifting's yang)


Reach your limits
and surpass them